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2019 Concept Design

Client: Cadw and Flintshire Council Council

Material: Oak and Greenheart

I was one of five artists shortlisted to developed a piece of sculpture for the foreshore at Flint castle and the concept design came a close second to the selected finalist in a people’s vote.

The site and the following text helps contextualise the inspiration:
The flight of birds, murmurations, steam pouring from the chimneys, the in-visible shawls of fish beneath the water and the constant movement of the tides the ebb and flow, the pounding of the waves, the ever changing pat-terns of sand banks and the feathery textures left behind, creating fabric like folds or a textile beach, the rippled shells of the clams fished by the fisherman, the ribs of the wooden boats sinking in the sand, the movement of the tides, the migration of the birds, the movement of the sand, the mi-gration of fish, the movement of the industry, the migration of people, the ebb and flow on the sports field the forming of a maul or the collapsing of a scrum.

A space to stay still in for a brief period while the children play moving mi-grating around the sculpture. A space that a story, play or song might be performed from a small amphitheatre.