St Lukes Park

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St Lukes Park

2019 - 2020

Client: Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd

Material: Oak

I have developed and installed three pieces sited at a new housing development at the above location. The first sculpture consists of eleven sections of tree positioned to form a cube, the branches project inwards with flat faces out. The second is almost seed like formed from a completed cube with the branch sections growing up and out of the structure (surrounding landscaping not yet complete), the third an off balanced cube with branches protruding almost exploding from each face.

The pieces are partially Inspired by both the former Runwell Mental Hospital and the relationship be-tween the geometry within the new housing development and the natural environment. They comment on our estranged relationship with nature and the contradictions of our external and internal facades. One of the site contractors commented on how we had got the sculpture the wrong way around and how it was better on the inside, it couldn’t have been interpreted better.

The pieces also work as great spaces to play amongst, stimulating the creative imaginations of children. During the opening event it was interesting how all the dignitaries relaxed almost dropping there official outward persona when I encouraged them to go inside the sculpture, a second photo shoot happened on a much less formal level creating a much more relaxed atmosphere.